2015 Kidding Season

Doe Sire Planned Pedigree Link Due Date Notes / Reservations
GCH Atropos Dezi Planned Pedigree April  
SG Rhiannon Dezi Planned Pedigree April  
SG Niamh Dezi Planned Pedigree March 1 Doe R
SG Brighid DRY*      
Earrach Dezi Planned Pedigree March  
Chunk Dezi Planned Pedigree April  
Day is Done Moon Planned Pedigree March  
Edain Moon Planned Pedigree March  
Epona Devil Planned Pedigree March F1 / 1 Doe R
Beannaithe Moon Planned Pedigree March  
Ellenroh Devil Planned Pedigree March F1 / 1 Doe R
Emer Moon Planned Pedigree March  
Moon Pie Devil Planned Pedigree April F1 /

*Brighid will not be bred this year. After her Listeria while pregnant with Moon and Moon Pie she is still too fragile.


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Sales Info

Here you will find the tentative breeding plans for the ladies. This year is an "all-natural" year. After seeing how beautifully Dezi blended with my senior does I'm actually going against my usual plan and drying everyone up and breeding them to him again. I hardly ever have a year that half or more of the herd doesn't milk through! All the junior does are being bred either Nigerian Dwarf for some exceptionally high quality F1 mini Lamanchas or to Moon, our junior herd sire who is actually a line breeding back to the senior does. I'm really excited about the potential there! If you see something you are interested in please inquire via our Facebook page or email@nubiemancha@gmail.com. (yes it's weird for a reason, just get rid of the first email@ )


Reservations - Reservations are on a first come first serve basis. At this time I will put your name on a waiting list to be contacted periodically with available kids however I will not guarantee to hold kids until a deposit is received. I do accept PayPal!


With 7 beautiful first fresheners I am only planning on keeping one or two doe kids next year so THIS is the year to get a kid from one of my best does! Perhaps even a milker or two! As kids are born and does are offered for sale I will update the herd Facebook Page with pictures, pricing, and information.